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"Socrates learned to dance when he was seventy because he felt that

an essential part of himself had been neglected." ~ Source unknown


           We dance at Patriot's Park Lodge
172 Lake St   (Opposite High St & a flagpole)

            Coventry, CT

            We dance every 1st Friday September through June from 8-11pm

            with a Welcome Session starting between 7:30 & 8 (callers choice).   

            I'd like to stress that for a beginning dancer the Welcome Session is MOST helpful.  

            Bring a little something to share during the break if you'd like.

            This is a beautifully finished floor, clean shoes please.

            Adults: $12  Students: $6  Family (max): $25

                Tobacco & alcohol free please


Schedule for the 2017/2018 season:

DATE                                CALLER                   BAND

September 1, 2017  Paul Wilde      Stacy Phillips
October 6, 2017    Jim Gregory     Bill Walach & Dave Howard
November 3, 2017   Rich Sbardella  Fifer's Delight
December 1, 2017   Linda Leslie    Cicadas
January 5, 2018    Ron Blechner    Dan Foster & Friend
February 2, 2018   Billie Fischer  Bill Walach & Dave Howard
March 2, 2018      Don Heinold     Damaris Rohsenow on keyboard
                                    & Dan Lanier on fiddle
April 6, 2018      Paul Wilde      Chicks 'n Sync
May 4, 2018        Tod Whittemore  Gotham Carnival
June 1, 2018       Dereck Kalish   Wry Bred
For a sample of music from Wry Bred,
go to



Dave at 484.844.5203

Directions to Patriot's Park Lodge