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        Quiet Corner Contra Dance

Come dance with us in COVENTRY !!!

"Socrates learned to dance when he was seventy because he felt that

an essential part of himself had been neglected." ~ Source unknown


We are NOW dancing on FIRST FRIDAYs at:
Patriots Park Lodge
172 Lake St
Coventry, CT - Opposite High St and a flagpole
Google Directions - <>

There is a intro/welcome session sometime between 7:30 and 8:00PM and dancing starts at 8. 
If you've never contra danced before or are a relative newcomer it is recommended to attend this
session.  You'll find it quite worthwhile 
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Contact Dennis at <> if you're interested in an acoustic jam before the dance.

Non-marking shoe souls are a must or you can dance barefoot if you'd like.
Bring a little something to share during the break if you'd like.

            Adults: $10

            Students: $5

            Families: $20

 Thanks, Dave

2016 Winter/Spring schedule
DATE             CALLER           BAND
 January 8    Joe dePaulo    Turfgrass Warriors - David Moore & Karl Guillard
 February 5  Don Heinold     Damaris Rohsenow & The Fiddling Thomsons
 March 4       Jim Gregory      The Cicadas
 April 1          Paul Wilde        The Swivets - Stacy Phillips
 May 6          Rich Sbardella  The French Connection
 June 3         Billy Fischer      Wry Bred



Dave at 484.844.5203