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     University Contra Dance

Come dance with us in Storrs !!!

"Socrates learned to dance when he was seventy because he felt that

an essential part of himself had been neglected." ~ Source unknown


           We are NOW dancing at
            Storrs Congregational Church
            2 North Eagleville Rd
            Storrs, CT

            Our schedule so far this year is every 1st Saturday in October, November and December from
with a lesson starting at 7:30pm.    

            Bring a little something to share during the break if you'd like.

            This is a beautifully finished floor, clean shoes please.

            Adults: $10

            Students: $5


Schedule for the FALL 2015 season:

DATE                        CALLER                        BAND

October 3                Dereck Kalish         Through The Culvert - David Moore
November 7           
Ron Belchner         The French Connection

December 5            Rich Sbardella        The Swivets - Stacey Phillips

We only scheduled the first 3 months of the season because this dance needs to be
completely self-supporting by the December dance or we won't be able to continue.  
To run this dance on a monthly basis costs $405 which means *41* full paying ($10)
people. We have to do that or the equivalent in students (who dance for half price)
or there is no way that we can continue to prop it up. If anyone has any
suggestions on how to increase attendance please contact me. Thanks, Dave Cannell


Dave at 484.844.5203

Directions to Storrs Congregational Church

On the NW corner of North Eagleville Rd and Rt 195 in Storrs

From N Eagleville Rd, turn right into the first driveway.